Our Story


It was December 2017, and I had just had my first baby. I'll be honest with you, the only nursing bras I had were two that my mom had bought me and brought to the hospital. The thought of buying a nursing bra had not once occurred to me. Well maybe it had occurred to me, but all of the ones I saw online looked like everything I absolutely did not want to wear. Frumpy, boring, uncomfortable, those were the words that ran through my mind. I wasn't shocked to see that there were so few options out there, but why? Just because a woman has a baby, does that mean she doesn't want to look cute? When I get dressed in the morning, part of what makes me feel good is what I'm wearing under my clothes. If my bra says that I look boring and saggy boobed then that thought will stay with me.

I was frustrated enough that I told my husband one day, “You know, if I start a business, I would make nursing bras women actually want to wear; not ones they have to wear." Getting dressed in the morning should be a pleasure. You should choose pieces that are an expression of who you are and how you're feeling. I believe it starts with the first piece you put on. Bras should be beautiful, and feel good and still be able to feed your baby. In this case function does not defeat form.

We are on a mission to create beautiful pieces that make you feel amazing from the first moment you put your clothes on. I want the fabric to feel amazing, the colors to be inspiring, and the designs to empower you to new levels. I have tried, tested, worn, washed, nit-pitcked, and loved every piece I'm sharing with you. I hope you will love them as much as I do.

We design all of our items in North Carolina, and manufactured in California.