What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

November 30 2021 – Klarie Macias

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag


Packing your hospital bag for the first time can be a daunting task. You may be one of those people who want to pack right away or someone who’s going to throw something together at the last minute. Either way, it’s hard to navigate what you might want for you and baby. I’m going to try to keep it to the things I feel like I absolutely have to have in my bag, because in my experience you really need less than you think. 

For mom: 

Phone, phone charger, headphones, nipple cream, nursing pads, at least 2 nursing bras or tanks, cardigan, loose pants, socks and underwear that I didn’t mind messing up, toothbrushes and toothpaste and a couple extra masks.

I’ve always brought a protein bar and a reward like chocolate or candy. It’s totally not necessary, but when I delivered my first baby after 10pm and 24 hrs of labor, the cravings for a coke and a snack were off the charts.

The hospital will provide you with some beautiful gigantic mesh granny panties to house the world’s largest pad after delivery so that’s why I would suggest loose pants. I even brought a couple adult diapers. I took the freeze spray and perineal cleansing bottle home with me after delivery because wiping with toilet paper won’t be your favorite thing for a while. 

For your partner: 

Phone chargers, comfy change of clothes (in case they’re coming from work), pillow, toothbrush, toothpaste, and blanket. With our first baby, I didn’t think about anything my husband might need and it turned out to be very very cold for him in the delivery room. Since then, I’ve always packed him a blanket and pillow so that we can both be more comfortable.

For baby: 

A going home outfit, a couple of diapers (although the hospital will most likely provide you with wipes and diapers), a baby blanket, and maybe a couple changes of clothes. With each baby I’ve had, the hospital has provided swaddles, little white shirts, baby socks, a baby hat, diapers, little cloths you can use as wipes.

Optional just for funsies items:

  • Makeup and makeup wipes: Hospitals make me feel gross and tired looking so I just like to refresh myself. 
  • Cute outfit for baby pics 
  • Extra baby blanket
  • Baby moisturizer, I noticed my babies had very cracked and dry skin right after they were born
  • Make sure your car seat is already installed in your car before baby comes!

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