Do You Need Nursing Pads?

November 15 2021 – Klarie Macias

Do You Need Nursing Pads?

Do You Need Nursing Pads?

So why do we even need nursing pads? If you’ve never breastfed before, it can be hard to imagine the incredible amount of milk leakage that can occur, but trust me. Especially in the very beginning, it’s like having two leaky fire hydrants attached to your chest. In my case, for the first three months, I absolutely could not go anywhere without pads. Even if I didn’t leak enough to mess up my shirt, it would definitely make my bras sticky and gross. Leaking was triggered by almost anything: hot showers, hearing any baby cry, and breastfeeding on one side would make the other side leak profusely. Thankfully, there are some very clever solutions for the last problem. The worst part for me was nighttime. With my first baby, I thought I could just wear my normal sleeping clothes to bed, but that mistake left me waking up in multiple pools of my own milk. From that point on, I religiously slept in a sleep bra and nursing pads. It just wasn’t worth changing the sheets every single day. 

Leaking will most likely occur until your body adjusts to your baby’s needs for milk or your pumping schedule, but until then I would highly recommend purchasing a couple boxes of disposable nursing pads until you figure out how much or how little you leak. If you go the washable route, one set in the day and one set at night worked really well for me. Depending how frequently you want to do laundry, will determine how many sets of washables you will need. 

Below is the list of nursing pads I’ve personally used and re-used. 

    • Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads 
    • These were by far my favorite. They were a great shape to stay put in my bra all day, and they didn’t cause unnecessary wrinkles under my clothes. 
      • Bamboobies Overnight Washable Nursing Pads 
      • I loved these for wearing overnight. They provide much more coverage than the daytime Bamboobies nursing pads and are very soft. They were definitely my preferred nighttime pad. 
        • Bamboobies Regular Washable Nursing Pads 
        • As far as function goes, these were great. I still have them and plan on using them for the next baby. The only drawback is that the heart shape made it difficult for me to prevent lines from showing through my clothes and they would often bunch up and get stuck at the bottom of my bra. I found the best way to position them was sideways. On the bright side they are also very soft against your skin. 

          I hope this information will help anyone preparing to breastfeed for the first time or those looking for new options. I wish everyone the best of luck! 

          Have a beautiful day :) 

          • Klarie 11/15/21